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Natural Looking False Eyelashes

These special False Eyelashes provide instant glamour and delicate beauty in a subtle way. With Oleda’s instructions they are easier to apply than you can imagine. To look real and natural, false eyelashes must have soft hair, cannot be too thick or too thin, must be flexible and have a CLEAR base strip that make them unnoticeable when worn. (Oleda wears them all the time!)

Free Eyelash Glue will be included with every pair of Oleda® False Eyelashes

No Mistake Intsructions:
Make sure all oil is off your eyelids. This is very important if you hope to keep them on for a few days at a time. Use a Toner-Astringent with tissue or thin washcloth to remove oils.

Mascara your natural eyelashes (top and bottom) before applying the false ones…they will blend in and look more natural. No need to mascara the false eyelashes.

IF LASHES ARE TOO WIDE FOR YOUR EYES: Lift one eyelash out of the box. Holding it with both hands at the ends of the lashes, place it up to your eyelids next to your own lashes. You will most likely find the eyelashes are too wide for your eyes. Snip off a few hairs at one end and test it again. It is important not to have the false lashes too wide because the ends will stick into the eyelid and feel very uncomfortable …most irritating! When cut and applied correctly, you will not even know you have them on. Now trim the other one to match.

IF THE LENGTH OF THE LASHES ARE TOO LONG: The lashes will probably be too long also… so trim the length shorter –not too much – you can always go back. Point the tip of the scissors downward into the top of the eyelashes and snip into the lash tips. Do not cut straight across in one swoop as you do not want an even cut…they look more natural when uneven.

Now apply eyelash glue on the clear strip part…you can put a little glue on your vanity table then pick some up with a toothpick and place it on the strip part …you don’t need much. Some people squeeze the tube directly on the strip part…. (Whichever is most comfortable is fine.) Now with both hands holding the lash, place it next to your own lashes. Use tweezers to adjust the lash next to your own lashes and to pull it to one side or the other if adjustment is needed. If you do this right away before the glue dries, it will be very easy to adjust. (You will have about a minute.)

After applying both false lashes, blend your natural lashes into them. You can do this with your fingers or a small eyelash or eyebrow brush.

HOW TO REMOVE: Hold inside edge of the lash, next to your nose, and gently, slowly, pull lash off toward your ear. If “stuck” put a drop of water on the spot –wait a few seconds and pull it off.

HOW TO CLEAN: To clean false eyelashes, place them on a counter and put a few drops of water over them. After a minute or so the glue will be easy to pull off the strip part with your fingers. Pull glue off lashes from the strip part of the lash and your lashes will last longer. (As opposed to pulling glue through the hair part of the lash) Let dry and they will be ready to wear again.

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False Eyelashes, Black
False Eyelashes - Black
Our Price: $12.50

Recommendations: Use black false eyelashes for a little more dramatic look, or if you have medium to dark tone skin and dark hair.
False Eyelashes, Brown
False Eyelashes - Brown
Our Price: $12.50

Recommendations: Use dark brown false eyelashes for a softer look. Oleda has light skin and hair and likes the softer look. She uses Brown False Lashes with Black Mascara on the bottom of her own natural lashes.