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Cell-Abration Kit (new)
Cell-Abration Kit (new)

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Oleda's Skincare secret:

The CELL-abration SYSTEM KIT


Complete CELL-abration Kit includes Instructional Brochure where you will meet the Doctor (MD) who uses and recommends CELL-abration to his patients. Products included:

  • FORMULA l (Advanced Exfoliant) 15% Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA)
  • FORMULA ll (Epidermal Repair) Night Therapy
  • FORMULA lll (Ageless Serum) Rich Essential Oils
  • FORMULA lV (Revitalizer Scrub) Honey and Milk with Almond Meal

You are about to step into the new world of an extraordinary, almost unbelievable, skin-transformation program, CELL-abration.

This revolutionary, highly-developed product system, is designed to encourage the cells of your skin to re-establish the natural rhythms of healthier, younger skin by bringing older, flat cells into sync again.

No matter what type or color skin you have, what age you are or what skin problems you may have, the CELL-abration Kit helps to dramatically revitalize and regenerate the cells deep under the skin's surface. It's the best skin Anti-Ager ever! You'll never be more surprised…I promise you that! (It's a 30-day skin rejuvenation program with enough product for about another 30 days of follow-up maintenance.)

The CELL-abration Kit includes four active products that, while each is a viable treatment on its own, interact with each other when used as a kit to produce maximum results.


  • 15% ALPHA-HYDROXY ACIDS with two special conditioners. This is the primary product in the kit. It is one of the strongest Skin Anti-Aging Formulas available anywhere without a prescription.
  • It brings old, flat cells back to life. The conditioners balance the mixture of lactic, citric, tartaric, malic and glycolic acids, which make up a full 15% of this wonderful exfoliant. Improves elasticity. Softens and evens out splotchiness. Helps remove lines and wrinkles.


    • Treats, feeds and moisturizes the skin after using Formula I. The balance of these rich oils, nutrients and moisturizers helps soften, smooth and repair the skin while you sleep, helping to prevent new lines and wrinkles.


      • Formed from pure, rich essential oils extracted in minute amounts from aromatic plants and herbs. Each oil has its own therapeutic role, feeding, nourishing, protecting and treating newly-surfaced cells.


        • HONEY and MILK with ALMOND MEAL.
        • Speeds up the dissolution of the bond, or glue, that keeps dead cells from leaving the skin's surface. This application allows FORMULA I to work at its best. But its ingredients also help treat, feed and condition the skin.

        A note from Oleda about her battle against Aging

        "Anti-aging is what I’ve preached for over 40 years, and it is what my creams, lotions, supplements, and lifestyle advice are designed to help you easily achieve.

        I LOVE the word Anti-Aging! Why? Because I have always felt confident at every age thanks to my anti-aging lifestyle. And I strongly believe that YOU can do the same, by following my advice… if you choose to do so.

        At 82, I am proud of my stage in life, which is largely a result of my thinking ahead and trying to prevent as many aging problems as possible before they even have a chance to appear.

        There may be a fringe group that buys into the feel-good-about-yourself “pro-aging” idea, but the appeal to the majority of women is to be proud of themselves because they’re healthy, fit and have beautiful glowing skin.

        Being concerned about another wrinkle showing up is universal and I don’t think any media hype will change that. And I certainly don't think that wanting to grow old beautifully versus gracefully is something to be ashamed of. All it takes is a simple daily routine and a small effort, but the results are worth it and I think I've proven that. Oleda Ltd provides you with the means to do something about aging, to join the anti-aging movement. Are you going to simply give up and accept the term "pro-aging" or will you join me in the "Anti-Aging" movement instead?"


        "I wanted Oleda herself to know how much I love her products. Especially the Cell-abration formula 1. I've used it for a month now and I can't believe how wonderful it is! I want to use it for the rest of my life. I've had problems with my skin before and nearly all creams have irritated my skin or caused acne. But not this one. I love it and you for producing it."

        Katarina K., Tullinge, Sweden

        "I love your products and ideas. I'm 33 and certainly don't look my age. In fact I still get asked for my ID when I buy beer for my boyfriend! When they see my birth year, a lot of them are stunned. Oleda, I never want to look old. You are an inspiration."

        Leah Jones, Emeryville, CA

        "I remember seeing Oleda in ads in magazines when I was a child. I was fascinated by her, and always told myself that if she could do it, I could, too--that is, looking damned great in spite of impending age. I'm doing it! I just wanted Oleda to know that she alone may have been the truest reason behind my inherent, lifelong quest to look absolutely great--as long as I possibly can."

        Bonnie Nadine Newman, Laguna Vista, TX

        "Dear Oleda, I have been using your products since my mid 30's and am now going to be 62!... I love my life and feel so very good about my appearance and much of that has to do with using your products. I just placed another order and am trusting you to try products I have not used yet. I am sure I will be happy with them and the results. I have been married for 40 years to the same great guy who really thinks I am beautiful! How can I not feel beautiful when he thinks so!"

        Laurel Nord, Montgomery, TX

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