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Oleda's Tip: Keep Your Neck Young

Some women have said to me, “I hate having an old looking neck. Is there anything I can do to make my neck look younger?” Recently, A young woman asked, “I don’t want to get an old looking neck, is there anything I can do to prevent it?” So I thought I would write on the subject…


Keep Your Neck Young Yes, there is much we can do to keep our neck looking younger. Some women have young looking skin on their face, but you wonder what happened to their neck. Here is a list of things to do and to watch out for to keep you neck looking youthful:

* Whenever you treat the skin on your face, treat your neck the very same way. If you are moisturizing, using a night cream or having a facial treatment, include your neck…always. If you don’t, you may eventually have soft, youthful facial skin with a neck that feels and looks rough and coarse. I have seen this happen so many times.

* The neck has thin skin and the sun will do its aging damage quickly. We all have seen the skin on someone’s neck that looks so much older and wrinkled than the skin on the rest of their body, including their face. This person probably protected her face from the sun, but did not realize her neck should be protected in the same way. Don’t forget, if you wear a short hairstyle the back and sides of your neck are exposed every time you walk out in the sunlight. Make sure you use a sun block on your neck when outdoors for any length of time. If you are wearing a hat for protection against the sun, make sure it protects the back and sides of your neck too. When horse back riding and fly-fishing my hats are wide enough to protect my neck too. (My hair is long, but I tie it back when I do these sports.)

* If you have put on weight, and think your neck is getting a little “fleshy” and don’t like it, lose the weight and you will lose a large part of the “thicker neck.” When you gain weight you usually gain under the chin, in the neck and stomach first. The good news is that you lose it there first.

* Massage your neck lightly with an upward slow motion toward the chin. Use a moisturizer while doing this so your fingers do not “pull or stretch” the skin too much. This also stimulates the small capillaries bringing more blood to the surface.

* Try to get used to sleeping on a lower pillow so that your neck is “stretched out” more rather than curled down into your chest.

* Good posture will do a lot for the look of a younger neck. Back straight and chin up forces a more youthful look. Curved back, chin down will give almost anyone an older looking neck. This is almost the first thing a NY photographer’s model learns when in front of the camera. Have you seen pictures of yourself and thought, “I didn’t realize I have a double chin!” Well you may not. Were you sitting down with a curved back and your chin down when the picture was taken? No Model would ever do that and be booked again…it’s not a flattering picture.

Hope this helps…. I’ll be ready for your next tip in a week.

Thank you for encouraging me to write these Tips…it’s fun.


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