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Oleda's Tip: 7 Beauty Tips That Instantly Make You Look Younger

Oh My, How We Actually MAKE Ourselves Look Older! 7 Beauty Tips To Instantly Make You Appear Younger.


7 Beauty Tips That Instantly Make You Look Younger

Some things we do take days…hours….weeks, even months, to help us appear younger looking. Then there are certain things some of us go out of our way to do to ourselves that make us look older. Here are some of those things and how to correct them:

1. Have An Oily or Shiny Face

There is so much said today about keeping the skin moist to keep it young…in fact I “preach” that, too. But, I have seen more and more women today “wearing” an oily or shiny face in public (luncheons, dinner parties, work) because they believe it will keep their skin young longer, and also, they think it looks good. Wrong. First of all you don’t need to wear a shiny face to make or keep your skin youthful. Secondly, A shiny face actually makes your face look older because the shine plays up the wrinkles or lines on the face. It exaggerates them. Any light on a shiny face (day or night) makes lines, wrinkles, or imperfections, more obvious and prominent. And…on top of everything else…there is nothing pretty about an oily looking face (when dressed) no matter how beautiful the face is.

Here is the answer

When dressing to go out of the house here’s how to keep your skin moist while wearing make-up, and make your skin appear younger, too. 1. Cleanse face and neck and use an astringent to remove all oils and any residual make-up. 2. Apply a good moisturizer. 3. Apply any make-up your normal way. 4. “Powder down” to blend makeup colors and “take off the shine.” Make sure you press the powder “down onto the skin” instead of “wiping” the powder across the skin. The powder actually locks in the moisture and helps protect and keep it from escaping during the day. This also helps to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. You now have the advantage of treating the skin while looking younger at the same time. TRY THIS TEST: Before you apply powder, stand sideways to a window while looking in a mirror and study your face. Apply powder. Return to the window with the mirror to see the difference. If you see no difference, you are very young with no lines!!

2. Iridescent, Odd or Bright Color Eye Shadow

(I have written about this subject before but it bears repeating)

Anything bold, unnatural, and overpowering on the face makes it appear older…and worse yet – very unattractive – sometimes tacky! Bright iridescent (or not so bright) eye shadow comes under this heading. Some iridescent eye shadows are so bold and bright on the eyes they look like two headlights. The manufactures should be fined for selling such a thing to the public. The manufactures are after the dollar – but I’m here to make sure you have your most youthful, beautiful appearance. OK now that I have vented I’ll move on (smile)!

Here is the answer

No matter what shape or size eyes you have, with the proper make-up, they will look more youthful and beautiful. Remember, your eyes should steal the show…not the eye shadow. Here are some simple rules: 1. Wear natural colors. My favorite is a soft off- white or light tone eye shadow on the lids and a brown or gray shade above the lids and a little above the bone . (The off-white mostly blends into the eyelid skin after a short time to give a natural look.) 2. Wear eyeliner to bring out the eyes….never wear black – dark brown looks almost like black yet gives a much softer look. 3. Wear mascara – black or brown is fine. if you don’t have long thick lashes of your own – try artificial eyelashes – brown only – no black. (You will need to trim them down both in width and length and don’t buy the thick ones, they will be too much when applied.) If not overdone, these lashes can give a soft youthful look. Can you tell that I wear them most of the time?? Even my manicurist of 3 years didn’t know it until I told her.

3. Wearing Purple, Black or Orange Lipstick

These colors are aging and distracting to the face in most cases, especially if they are on the very dark side. Orange and black (purple/black) are never flattering to the face.

Here is the answer

Maybe a soft orange is OK to fit a special garment color, but use a soft color orange if you must…one with a little brown tone in it. Frankly I don’t own any orange garments and no orange lipstick. Orange in general is usually not as flattering to the face. If you must wear orange lipstick – make sure your rouge color blends with the lipstick tone.

Apply colors that have a little brownish tone. Red should have a little blue in it so it does not look orange - it makes the red softer looking and is more youthful and flattering to the face.

While on the subject, if you want to give the appearance of fuller lips, extend your lipstick or lipliner a bit above and below your natural lip line. BUT, if you wear a lip-gloss, make sure you apply it only within your natural lip line, not on the extended portion. It’s more subtle and gives a better effect…it should not be overdone. When you extend color over your natural lip line, “powder down” over it so that it will look more natural and blend in, otherwise the unnatural lip line will be very noticeable. Can you tell that I extend beyond my natural lip line?

4. Having Dull, Dry Hair

Even if you have bleached or tinted hair, straightened hair or sun dried hair there are products on the market to get your hair back into shape. Dull, dry hair gives an older look to your overall appearance.

Here’s the answer

There are many products on the market that can give the worst-case-dry-dull hair what it needs to gain a youthful look again. Don’t take your dull dry hair “as expected” just because you have had another birthday or two…hair doesn’t know how old it is if you take care of it. I’m a living example. (One of my products – Spot Light Conditioner is a good product for this problem in most cases) If you have an exceptional problem then see an expert and get it fixed…you will love the more youthful and flattering look.

5. No eye make-up

Going without eye make-up is fine if that is the look you like. But I will tell you that we look younger with some eye make-up. It gives an alive look to our face as well as making us appear more glamorous.

Here’s the answer

If you will look on my list of Oleda’s Beauty/Health Tips in my Web site, you will find “Make Eyes Large/Glamorous” with instructions on how to do it. You can modify this for a softer look for day if you like by using less or softer colors.

6. No Rouge, Too Little Rouge or Putting It In The Wrong Place

Well here is one of my problems – Often I worry about having on too much rouge, or not enough. I often ask my husband to take a look at my rouge before going out. Yes, sometimes I have to go back and “powder again” to tone it down! There is a fine line on how much to have on. Another problem some ladies have is WHERE to put it on the face. (That’s not my problem!) All these issues can make you appear older and even “tacky.”

Here’s the answer

Did you know that “Cream Rouge” gives you more control for evenness, smoothness and the amount you put on? Never wear rouge with any kind of glitter or shine. That really shows up lines or wrinkles and is overpowering to the beauty of the skin, face and make-up. I would do you no favor if I didn’t tell you about the perfect Oleda® Cream Rouge I developed because it was impossible to find what I wanted in the stores. Please click “Beauty” on the front page of my Web site. This one is pure, not too oily, not too dry, natural colors and goes on smoothly.

When using rouge, apply it where the sun would make your face naturally rosy--except for the nose, of course--across the cheekbones, somewhat over and under them and tapered off toward the ears. Apply ever-so-little to the top of the forehead and up to the hairline blending so it is hardly noticeable. (You’ll marvel at what this does) Add a bit of color to your neck to make it look like it belongs to your face…you now have a beautiful natural looking glow.

If you feel you need more rouge during the day use powder rouge. Keep the color a natural tone with no glitter or shine.

7. Poor Posture Ages you


Never underestimate the beauty and health benefits, of good posture. Often poor posture is just a bad habit that is easily corrected.

Poor posture not only makes you look older, but could be the first step toward dowager’s hump, double chin, potbelly, and swayback as well as some internal problems too.

Here’s the answer

To correct poor posture we must be aware of our posture all of our waking hours for a few days or weeks. Make a point to stand straight with shoulders back…chin up not down. Now you are on your way to that glamorous, healthy youthful look!

Ask your best friend, your kids or husband to keep an eye on your posture and to let you know when you are not standing straight. This can help you get out of a bad habit. This may also help others in your life want to correct their posture too. Please go to my Web site and click on Oleda’s Beauty/Health Tips then “Youthful Look Destroyed.” You will find more information with special exercises to help have better posture permanently. Don’t forget to have good posture when you are sitting for the very same reasons.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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