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Oleda's Tip: Do At Home: Beautiful, Strong, Healthy Nails

Oleda's Tip: Do at Home: Beautiful, Strong, Healthy Nails
You will learn here how to take care of the surface of the nails, as well as the nutrition it takes to develop strong healthy nails from the inside.


Do At Home: Beautiful, Strong, Healthy Nails

So many people write to me that they’re having a serious problem with their nails . . . what to do?…what to do?, they ask. Some have problems even when they keep their nails short. You will learn here how to take care of the top surface of the nails, as well as the nutrition it takes to develop strong healthy nails from the inside. This part does not happen overnight – but stick with it and it will work. You will also learn the best way to give yourself a home manicure. But first:

  First, a Little Story:

When I was a model in New York City, I was a regular at a nail salon catering to models and stars. I could do my nails at home but this was one treat I insisted on for myself. I had a standing appointment there with the owner/manicurist.

Lucille Ball had a standing appointment with this manicurist, too, on the same day and immediately preceding mine, so I would see her there often. Now, I make it a point never to approach a celebrity, respecting their privacy, but after seeing Ms. Ball so often, I couldn’t help myself. One day, I knelt next to her chair, excused myself and said, “Lucille Ball, I must share with you how much fun and laughter you have given me for so many years, and I would like to thank you for that.”

What a gracious lady. She said, “Thank you for sharing that with me, you are very kind to tell me.”

No, we never went for tea, but I will always remember her kind response and generosity of spirit.

So what has this to do with YOUR nails? Nothing! But it was this great manicurist who gave me a very good education in how women can have strong, healthy nails, yet can take care of them at home, if they wished to do so.

During that period, when I was modeling, I was also beauty editor of a magazine, called “Model’s Circle, For Women Who Want to be Beautiful.” It was partly the information she gave me that I used to write an article for this magazine about nails. This information is still very valid today.

  How To Get The Nail To GROW Strong and Healthy.

Fingernails—and toenails, too—are products of your epidermis and are composed of the protein keratin. Each nail grows outward from a nail root that extends back into a groove of skin.

Fingernails normally grow at the rate of 1/8th inch a month, approximately 2 or 3 times faster than toenails. Growth slows in old age. Sudden or significant changes in the appearance of the nails can be a first sign of illness. Abnormal or unhealthy nails may be the result of a local injury, a glandular deficiency, or a deficiency of certain nutrients.

Contrary to common belief, the structure of the nails is not related to the structure of bone, and taking extra calcium will not strengthen brittle nails. Neither will taking gelatin.

With severe malnutrition, after an injury or during a course of some kinds of chemotherapy, nail formation is impaired. During the several weeks of such impaired formation an area of thinning of the nails can be seen. The width of this zone of thinning of nails corresponds to the duration of the injury or the use of, for example, chemotherapy.

A protein deficiency can cause opaque white bands to appear on the nails or cause them to become dry, brittle and very thin. Insufficient amounts of complete proteins and/or vitamin A slow down the rate of nail growth (which is also affected by various drugs). A shortage of vitamin A in the diet may also cause dryness and brittleness. A lack of the B vitamins causes nails to become fragile, with horizontal or vertical ridges appearing. The B complex is also a factor in fungus infestation found underneath the nails. Frequent hangnails usually indicate an inadequate intake of vitamins C, folic acid, and protein. An iron deficiency can disturb the growth of the nails, causing dryness, brittleness, thinning, flattening and eventually the appearance of moon-shaped nails. White spots can be caused by a zinc deficiency.

Any nail abnormality indicates that the diet is not adequate; a well-balanced diet supplying all essential nutrients is recommended.

Nutrients that may be beneficial in treatment of nail problems: Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Folic acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, and Protein. (See our Super Age Enhancer Capsule under “Vitamins & Supplements” in I also recommend VEGGIES & FRUIT Concentrate. to alkalize your body.)

If you have a nail problem that is the result of poor diet or illness, and you plan to do something about it, think in terms of three months because that’s how long it will take before you see the results of improved nutrition through your diet and supplements.

Meanwhile, here are some measures that will help strengthen your nails and keep them that way:

1. Wear rubber gloves whenever you use soap and water or do any kind of manual activity; and have them larger than your usual glove size.

2. Use your fingers, not your nails, to pick things up. This, of course, is easier said than done! If you have long nails, use the sides of your fingers.

3. Carry a small Band-aid in your handbag. If a nail cracks, put it on immediately, then mend your nail as soon as you return home. You can buy a “mending kit” of some kind in almost any drugstore.

4. Always keep a coat of some type of polish, even clear polish, on your nails for protection.

5. For extra strength and proper conditioning apply Oleda® Nail Bed Healer and use Oleda® Hard Hard Nails. Please read about how these products help to develop healthier, stronger nails in, under “Nail Treatment .”

  How to Give Yourself a Professional Manicure At Home

Allow yourself about an hour of time and assemble everything you need before you begin:

  • clean hand towel
  • cuticle cutter
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • cotton
  • polish remover
  • bowl of soapy water
  • emery board
  • cuticle oil
  • orange sticks - sometimes called cuticle sticks
  • nail polish
  • top-coat sealer

Step 1: Clean off old polish with cotton pad soaked in polish remover. Take care not to push the old polish into the cuticle by starting from the base of the nail and working down to the tip.

Step 2: Be sure your nails are dry before you file them. Begin at the side with the emery board and sweep to the center. Never use a “saw-like” motion, and don’t round off the nails too much for that can cause them to break easily. The longer you want your nails, the more “square” they should be. But always take the “square” off the corners.

Step 3: Soak your fingers in warm soapy water for 2 to 3 minutes to help clean the nails and soften the cuticles. Clean your nails with the orange stick dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

Step 4: Apply cuticle remover or oil to your cuticles. Wrap a tiny piece of cotton around the tip of the orange stick and gently work it around each nail to loosen the cuticle. This is also the time to clip away any loose cuticle. Do this gently or you may hurt yourself or cause hangnails.

Step 5: Apply a base coat. (this could be the time to applyOleda® Nail Bed Healer.) This semi-transparent “polish” puts a smooth protective layer on the nail and is especially helpful for brittle and weak nails. Use strong brush strokes from the base of the nail to the tip.

Step 6: After the base coat is dry, apply your polish. (Of course, it can be clear). Thin it down if necessary with polish remover. This is one of the secrets for professional-looking nails.

Wait until each coat of polish dries before applying the next (if it’s thin polish, it won’t take long). In applying polish, brush the color across the base of your nail first, keeping clear of the cuticle, then make two strokes along the edges of your nail from base to tip. Finally, fill in the middle with one strong stroke from the base to the tip. Never go back over wet polish or you will get ridges. If you smudge a nail, apply a little polish remover on the smudged part while the nail is still wet, then smooth it over ever so lightly with the nail polish brush.

Step 7: Apply top-coat sealer. (Or, if you are using Oleda® Hard Hard Nails.this is the time to apply it.) Sealers prolong the wear of your polish, delay chipping and make your nails thicker and stronger. Let nails dry for twenty minutes.

Note: If you only want clear nails you can use the two Oleda nail products for health and strength if you wish.

For YOur Most Serious Nail Problems. The newest, Most Exciting Nail Treatment That Allows You to Grow Your Own Long, Hard Nails! 25% Discount On Purchase of Complete 3-Item Kit. If Purchased Separately All 3 Products - $41.00

  • OLEDA Nail Bed Healer
  • OLEDA Nail ReBuilder
  • OLEDA Hard Hard Nail

Serious Nail Treatment


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