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Get Rid of Your Uncomfortable Stomach
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Oleda's Tip: Is Your Body Toxic?

Oleda's Tip: Is Your Body Toxic?
Toxicity Of The Body Can Cause Serious Illnesses, Poor Skin and Hair Condition, Loss Of Energy And Even The Inability To Lose Weight. You Can Fix It!


Is Your Body Toxic?

This subject may not be socially acceptable to talk about... and I don't want to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable, but, my mission is to share with you any information I can gather that can give you a better, longer, and healthier life. The subject: The health value of daily elimination.

Constipation prevents waste from moving through the colon easily, which causes it to remain in the colon too long. If this happens often, or is a way of life, it can cause some serious health problems - and beauty problems, as well. To be blunt, this is decaying fecal matter and toxins in your intestines that can easily contribute to many diseases. It is vital to expel fecal matter as quickly as possible. Constipation also inhibits the flow and absorption of vital nutrients in the body.

Bad (pathogenic) colon bacteria produce toxic secretions that act as poison throughout the entire body. When fecal matter in the colon is not eliminated for days, the colon becomes toxic - this toxicity then spreads to cells throughout the body. The toxicity in the blood stream from this decaying waste also interferes with the delivery of oxygen to all the cells and tissue in the entire body, depriving them of necessary oxygen for good health. Also, straining to have a movement can damage the tissue of the lower colon and the blood vessels in the legs.

Aging of the skin can start in the colon. An unhealthy colon can cause blemishes, rashes, poor skin tone, even wrinkles, and leads to premature aging of the skin. The hair can also be affected, slowing growth and becoming dry and dull.

Constipation is a symptom you cannot ignore, even if it occurs once in a while, since it will lead to slow poisoning of the entire body. Regularity is very important. Don't wait for a disease to "happen" to show that you are ill... take the bull by the horns, and don't let constipation become a reoccurring condition.

Here's What You Should Know And What You Should Do

*Not Enough Fiber is one of the main reasons for constipation. Fiber adds bulk to your stool, allows proper bowel contractions and promotes healthy bacteria in the colon. A healthy colon helps assimilate valuable nutrients for a healthy body. If your stools float, you are probably getting enough fiber, if they sink, you are not getting enough.

*Processed foods and constipation go hand in hand. A high intake of products with refined white flour encourages constipation. These foods have a tendency to "sit" in the intestines.

*Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle. Exercise brings more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the intestines which help them function properly.

*An insufficient amount of fluids. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Constipation is the sign of chronic dehydration…if you’re not drinking enough water, the fecal matter can become hardened, leading to constipation. Concerning constipation, tea, coffee, or sodas do not count, and in fact can actually worsen the problem.

*Laxatives are not the way to "solve" the problem. They can worsen the condition, if used too often, since they remove the good bacteria and lesson the absorption of vitamins and nutrients already in your system. You should correct the problem through proper methods; using laxatives regularly can get you hooked on them.

*Flax seeds (or ground up flax seeds) or flax seed oil purchased from a health food store and taken daily is very beneficial. Start with a small amount and, if it does not solve the problem, add more to your routine each day until it does. Also great for healthier and shinier hair and soft healthier skin.

*Prunes or prune juice can be taken, but not on a long term basis because it acts as a mild laxative, your system can become dependent on it to function properly, and will prevent your system to eventually function on it's own.

*Other foods that help are bran, fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, legumes grains, seeds, nuts, carrot juice, beets, garlic and honey.

Note: If you suddenly become constipated and it does not clear up within a week you may want to consult your doctor.

Take care of yourself... no one can do it better!


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