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Get Rid of Your Uncomfortable Stomach
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Oleda's Tip: The Dangers Of Women Jogging, Running and Jumping

Do You Jog or Run For Exercise? If You Are A Woman, Stop Right Now. Ask Your Doctor About The Dangers For Women …Some That Cannot Be Undone, And That You Will Pay For From Midlife-And All Through Your Older Years. Here’s Why…and What Does Work.


The Dangers Of Women Jogging, Running and Jumping Rope

Running or jogging is not safe, nor is it a healthy way to exercise . . . . neither is jumping rope.  Oh, perhaps the teenagers can get away with it  for awhile, but the pounding effects are cumulative, and, before you know it, the feet, knees, heels, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and the lower back and hips begin to develop problems that can stay with you for life.

I used to jump rope, but my doctor told me that the bouncing/jumping up and down can cause a woman’s organs to drop down over a period of time as well as cause other long range problems.  He went on to explain that these organs, once lowered, begin to press against the bladder. Later in life this can cause incontinence, leaking of the bladder prevalent in many women today. It also causes one to urinate too often because of the pressure. My doctor advised me years ago to stop jumping rope IMMEDIATELY . . . I did.

Take brisk walks instead or use a soft track treadmill (has more flexibility)

Walking is a workout with no disadvantages. Almost anyone can do it, with almost zero chance of injury. You can walk practically anywhere, either alone or with a friend or family member. It's free! It requires no special equipment.

Walking can also be a great aerobic workout for training the body’s cardiovascular system. It can help reduce body fat. Walking tones and firms the hips and thighs, and develops the calf and shin muscles better than running. While running can tend to make the leg muscles look bunched up and contracted, walking tones the entire length of the muscles and helps them stay long. Walking is good for the mind as well as the body.

As with all forms of exercise, correct form will enhance the effectiveness of the walking workout. Good posture allows you to move quickly. Stand erect when walking to protect the lower back and improve your abdominal strength. Hold your head up. The foot action is a heel strike followed by rolling onto the ball of the foot and pushing off the toes.

Swing the arm from the shoulder and shorten its angle to 90 degrees to move faster. The faster pace may feel hard to hold at first. Your shins may fatigue, too. Make a goal of walking three miles three times a week minimum.  

1) The first week start out with one or two miles. If you are not used to walking don’t overdo the speed for the first week…build up to it. Toward the end slow down and stroll for the last 5 minutes so that you do not stop abruptly.

2) Gradually increase the distance each day and walk faster until you’re walking the whole three miles at a steady brisk pace.

Keep up the regimen.  You’ll be amazed at how good you’ll begin to feel in a short time; and at the end of six months, you won’t recognize yourself….AND…you have kept your body intact from the hazards of body injuries caused by jogging, running and jumping rope, injuries that are directly related to the impact of repetitive stress on ligaments, tendons, joints, and the lower back. Remember, the force of running puts between three and five times your body weight on your feet and ankles …walking puts much less stress on the entire body.  


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