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Oleda's Tip: So You Want To Live To 100?

So You Want To Live To 100…Be Healthy, Have Energy and Look Good Too? Of Course You Do! So…What are the “rules” to best ensure our chances? Scientists say our bodies are capable of it and more and more people are doing it already…but each of us must do our part to achieve this goal! So why not give it your best shot? I certainly will…’s what we must do...


So You Want To Live To 100?

I can hear you now…. "100??...My parents died when they were in their 70’s!!....I’ll be lucky if I live to my 80’s.”

This is not a good attitude and may actually prevent you from living to 100! We are now living longer than our parents for many reasons and each generation hereafter will live longer still.  So is it realistic to strive for a healthy 100?…Yes, there is a good possibility, if we do our part…but we cannot sit around eating bonbons, watching TV and expect to achieve this goal.

You might like to know there are now about 80,000 centenarians in the U.S.   By 2010, this number is expected to increase by sixty percent; by 2050, there will be 1 million and, before the end of the twenty-first century, 2.5 million. Be one of them!

Here’s How To Give Us Our Best Chance:

1) Eat Healthy and Eat Small Amounts Often Each Day.  I hate to put it this way but many people eat every meal as though it’s their last….remember…there will always be another one! “Grazing” all day is better for you than stuffing yourself all at once….especially near bedtime. When eating dinner out, no matter how fine the restaurant, I often order only two appetizers. Frequently they’re the best tasting morsels anyway.  However, I do allow myself a nice big meal occasionally to celebrate a special holiday. 

2) Eat less red meat or no meat at all for a couple of weeks at a time every once in a while. It is known that vegetarians tend to live a long time. But we do need some meat to get protein and a few of the amino acids that our body does not produce on its own. You can get these amino acids in some vegetable foods also…legumes for example. (As well as supplements.)  High intake of marbled meats are known to cause heart disease.

3) Don’t put the salt shaker on the table.  If you or your family are “salt-aholics,” learn to substitute with other seasoning like lemon, garlic and onion powder. Fast foods are full of salt. 

4) Drinking water is most important…our bodies are made up of 60% water.  Some people say all liquids can be counted in the amount of water we need to drink each day, about a quart and a half.  But for our best long range health many of us say plain water is the best for lubricating and helping to detoxify our bodies each day. Urine should be light in color, never let it turn dark due to dehydration.

5) Eat Fiber. Soluble and insoluble fiber helps the food processing in your intestines. This speeds up the time of the food processing in the intestines thereby lessening potential carcinogens doing damage. Fiber along with adequate water intake also helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Best not to get your fiber out of the drug store…3 to 5 PRUNES a day will help do the job...naturally. The older you get the more fiber you need.

6) Sweat at least 3 times a week. For strong bones and a healthy heart, work up a sweat at least 3 times a week and take extra calcium. For your bones and heart health any kind of exercise is good as long as you sweat for 20 minutes. Many people don’t realize that with no calcium in our bodies we would be like rubber, unable to stand up. Our body’s calcium level declines about 1% to 3% every year if we do not supplement. It’s never too late to start taking calcium.

7) Be in control…take charge. We often know what to do, but don’t do it. Here we need to psyche ourselves up…remember 100 is our goal. How nice it would be to be able to live longer and see our great-grandchildren…right!  One of our biggest hurdles is cutting down on calories….. obese people have a shorter lifespan, and many diseases develop because of “fat.”  Remember, if we don’t have our health we don’t have anything!

Another major hurdle in thinking is when we believe that diseases always happen by chance or are inherited from previous generations. Have you considered that your bad dieting habits could be what have been passed down from one generation to the next? There is much proof that what you put in your mouth contributes to serious diseases OR what you put in your mouth can protect you against serious diseases. It is up to us to take charge.

8)  Avoid Excessive Exposure to the Sun.  There are still so many non-believers&hellip.  If people could only SEE what was happening UNDER the skin, even the first time they burn from the sun, they would be convinced of the damage.

9)  Don’t Smoke Cigarettes.  A pack-a-day cigarette smoker is four times more likely to develop heart problems than a non-smoker.  But it’s never too late to quit.  Five years after stopping, ex-smokers have about the same risk of developing heart problems as someone who has never smoked. 

10.  Consider the Use of Supplements. As each year passes our bodies are less likely to assimilate food…to get the full nutritional value from what we eat.  Fast foods and over cooked foods have much less nutritional value, also. I have always supplemented my diet with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids, as well as a veggie & fruit supplement. 

11)  Alcohol...the good and bad. The risks of alcohol abuse increases as you age because your tolerance level decreases.  Medications can interact with alcohol and cause other medical problems or disease. Too much can damage the liver, heart, and brain cells. Driving and drinking can certainly stand in your way of reaching your 100th birthday.

There are several benefits of moderate use of alcohol.  The French, as you know, eat plenty of cheese and meats that are rich in fat and cholesterol, yet they have low levels of heart disease. The French credit this to “consuming wine.”  Is it true? I’m not sure, but what is clear is that a small amount of alcohol does benefit the good HDL cholesterol levels as well as helping to prevent blood clotting.

12)  Free Radicals. Many thousands of these toxic chemicals are naturally produced in our body every day.  Our body automatically gets rid of them, but as you get older your body is less capable of counteracting this invasion. Free radicals have the power to age you if you don’t counteract them.  Plant food, like green leafy vegetables, fiber, vitamins, and fruit help fight free radicals. Fatty foods like meat (especially red meat) encourage them.

13) Use your brain – you have heard it many times but it is very true…USE IT OR LOSE IT…is never truer than with our brain as we grow older. When you use (exercise) your brain, more blood flows through it, providing more nutrients and oxygen to all its cells. If you don’t exercise your brain, it can shrivel up just like a muscle. Learning a new game, planting a new garden, meeting with friends, conversation, finding things to do to help people, all help build brain cells.    

14) Happy people live longer. If you are unhappy and can figure out why, you should try to do something about it.  Sometimes there’s no quick fix, but once you recognize what is causing your unhappiness you can zero in and work to change it. It’s your right to be happy. It’s important to feel good about yourself, to have a sense of purpose in work, even volunteer work, or a hobby.

15) We need good sleep. Your body repairs itself at night while you sleep, which in turn helps slow the aging process.   In general, 7 or 8 hours is best. If you take a nap in the afternoon, that time counts too. The bottom line is you should wake up feeling relatively refreshed.

16) Get annual medical check ups.  Medical checkups provide the opportunity to PREVENT serious problems.  This is a very important aspect of my personal health care program. You say you don’t have the time or money? It will take plenty of time and money if you become very sick. 

Besides getting a general checkup every year the tests below can allow for an easy cure, if the problem is caught early enough. Get them done in a timely manner when your doctor suggests:

>COLONOSCOPY TEST. Today the equipment is so perfected that you feel nothing and it takes little time. If you are not getting the test because you fear embarrassment, try having colon cancer! It’s your move. Do it.

> PAP TEST. Cervical cancer is almost 100 percent preventable when it is caught at the pre-cancerous stage. Almost every woman who is treated for cervical cancer in the early stage is cured. So why not work toward prevention. Your health and life may depend on it.

>MAMMOGRAM. As we all know, a mammogram can detect tumors even your doctor cannot feel. It is important (maybe life saving) to identify breast tumors while they are still curable. The earlier you spot the tumor, the better chance to live a long and healthy life.

>GET YOUR MAN TO HAVE A PROSTATE EXAM. There are several disorders of the prostate gland, and most of them are curable if caught early enough. Cancer of the prostate gland is common and ranks high among the type of cancers that kill American men. It is very serious and mostly preventable. Make an appointment for him if he won’t. It could mean his life.


 I’m sharing my recent medicals tests results with you to demonstrate that good health is not necessarily age related, if you take care of yourself. I’m convinced that what I’m doing, and have done for years, has been the right thing to do.  

My latest bone density test a couple of months ago at age 72 showed my bone density is that of an 18 year old. I know this sounds unbelievable—even my doctor was surprised…but it’s true. This test was done in an MRI machine of the lower back and hip. 

At age 72 my colonoscopy test showed NO POLYPS AT ALL. I have a test done every 5 years. If you are younger your doctor may suggest every 10 years for the test.

My dentist says my gums are as healthy as a 20 year old and to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing…I intend to! (I believe it’s because of good diet and my water pic.)

I have no arthritis, aches or pains….and take no medication for it. I take no cholesterol medication.

My weight is the same as it has been all my adult life…120 pounds. (This does not mean YOU should weigh 120 pounds…I have small bones) My weight is not because of my genes either…my loving brother, 3 years younger than me, allows me to tell you he weights 335lbs. He has all kinds of life threatening health problems I’m sorry to say. He admits it’s his lifestyle.

My energy is nonstop and I am still very flexible.

"So, take your own health in hand. You are the best keeper of your health and body".

Love, Oleda

So many people ask me what I do to "be" so youthful...I tell them it all starts with what you feed the cells inside your body...We must keep our cells "splitting" all our lives as they did naturally when we were younger. Each year we become older, they split less on their own...I refer to these 4 nutritional products as my "cell splitters"!

Click on each product to read more on how and why these work so well.

Veggies & fruit

VEGGIES & FRUIT Highly Concentrated in powder or capsules. GREENS, FRUITS & VEGETABLES, no fillers. It's a Super Alkalizing Formula and The Best Cell Renewal Builder On The Market. Helps compensate for the body's decline in growth factors and poor eating habits. 120 Capsules $18.50

Aloe vera capsule

ALOE VERA CONCENTRATE Capsule.  All Natural. Adds to your health, energy, for a longer healthier lifespan.  Contains the entire leaf with the aloin removed. Organically grown and pesticide free. Air Spray Dried (not freeze dried) to retain nutrient strength. 60 Capcules $19.50


Age Enhancer

AGE ENHANCER Antioxidant Capsule - 39 Highly Concentrated Vitamin/Mineral/Trace Minerals/Herbs/Amino Acids capsules with no fillers. This powerful formula reaches every part of the body to help prevent aging both inside and outside the body.  60 Capsules $21.50


B complex

The B Vitamins help maintain the health of hair, skin, eyes and the liver. They are essential for maintaining gastrointestinal muscle tone.  30 Tablets $10.75


Click here to order
all four Products


"Take care of your body...It's the only one you will ever have!!"

Love, Oleda 


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