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How To Prepare Your Skin For Your Best Look All Day: Tricks to keep your skin looking younger. Special instructions for Dry, Normal, Oily or Combination skin.
FOUNDATION: Best way to apply. Don’t miss these areas of the face. Why it should not be applied to the eyelids. What color is best for you.
EYE MAKEUP- Mascara, False Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Eyebrows: Every eye type can be made to appear exciting and beautiful.
HIGHLIGHT: Taking away the dark areas under your eyes, and other areas of the face, WILL make your appearance more striking and youthful.
CREAM ROUGE - I need a Powder Blusher too?: Applying rouge is so misunderstood…I’m setting the record straight for you!
POWDER: You’ll love Powder even more when you read what it can really do for you…it’s more than just a powder!
LIP MAKEUP: Lipstick, Lip Liner Pencil, Lip Gloss: It’s OK to slap a little lipstick on if you are not going anyplace special…but for those special occasions here’s how to have your most glamorous “movie star” lips ever…
POWDER BLUSH: I need a Powder Blush Too?

Lesson 6:



Powder should be light in weight yet cover well. There should be no “shine” in the formula. Any kind of shine or glitter emphasizes skin imperfections, including making lines and wrinkles more obvious. It should be a fine powder that can blend the foundation, cream rouge and highlight together and make it all come together with an angelic looking skin.

I have always worn powder. It sets my foundation and cream rouge to stay on for the day and evening, as well as to help protect my skin from sun damage. Driving a car or walking around shopping exposes your skin over and over to the sun…you don’t have to “sit at the beach” to get sun damaged skin.

How to apply powder and also camouflage large pores:  Apply foundation using a color no darker than the shade of your skin…tissue off excess. With plenty of powder on the puff gently press the powder puff INTO the skin. Do not rub the puff across the skin…press, press, press lightly all over into the skin. When you have powdered the entire face, only then, very, very lightly wipe the puff across the top of the skin to remove the excess. What remains will be enough powder to cover the skin while leaving enough in the pores to camouflage them. (A powder with a shine would cause the pores to show more prominently.) As with anyone, but especially if you have large pores, you need to cleanse your skin well at night.

Keep extra powder puffs around and change for a fresh one when the puff begins to show too much usage. A puff not matted down will give the best results, especially when camouflaging pores.

If you have oily skin, or your makeup appears oily during the day, try using an Oil Control Blotting Powder. This accomplishes two things: 1. An Oil Blotting Powder does not change the color of your makeup during the day or night, and 2. It saves your Pressed Powder for when you really need it.





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