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How To Prepare Your Skin For Your Best Look All Day: Tricks to keep your skin looking younger. Special instructions for Dry, Normal, Oily or Combination skin.
FOUNDATION: Best way to apply. Don’t miss these areas of the face. Why it should not be applied to the eyelids. What color is best for you.
EYE MAKEUP- Mascara, False Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Eyebrows: Every eye type can be made to appear exciting and beautiful.
HIGHLIGHT: Taking away the dark areas under your eyes, and other areas of the face, WILL make your appearance more striking and youthful.
CREAM ROUGE - I need a Powder Blusher too?: Applying rouge is so misunderstood…I’m setting the record straight for you!
POWDER: You’ll love Powder even more when you read what it can really do for you…it’s more than just a powder!
LIP MAKEUP: Lipstick, Lip Liner Pencil, Lip Gloss: It’s OK to slap a little lipstick on if you are not going anyplace special…but for those special occasions here’s how to have your most glamorous “movie star” lips ever…
POWDER BLUSH: I need a Powder Blush Too?

Lesson 4:



Highlight that is lightweight yet hides dark circles and discoloration well is made with Mica and Bismuth Oxychloride. These are ingredients that “reflect light” from dark areas. Models must use a very lightweight camouflage which is not noticeable. For that, these two ingredients are very important.

Using highlight under the eyes to hide dark circles or discoloration will make your face appear more youthful and will also give it a softer appearance. This takes very little time once you have done it a couple of times.

How to apply Highlight: Apply very small amounts of Highlight under eyes or to any dark area of the face. Use very little. Carefully blend into the skin or foundation. (The best effect is achieved by applying Highlight over foundation.)  Use a small makeup brush or small makeup sponge to thin out and blend the edges so that there is no line of demarcation. Now powder over….the powder will camouflage and blend the Highlight for a very natural look.

Other Ways To Use Highlight:  

*To “Add” to a receding chin:
for a more prominent chin apply Highlight along the jawbone from ear to ear. Blend into foundation so there is no demarcation line. Famous model Wilhelmina did this and she had 27 vogue covers to her name!  


*Soften smile lines: with the tip of a small makeup sponge, place a small amount of Highlight IN the creases of your smile lines. With a finger or sponge gently smudge and blend. Powder over and it will blend in…if it doesn’t, you put too much on.  
*Hide dark circles under the eyes: apply Highlight evenly and sparingly in the dark areas under the eyes. Best to use a small make-up brush or small sponge with a “corner” to apply as they help to smooth Highlight out evenly. You can apply it directly on the skin itself after moisturizer, or over your foundation. Whichever you do, make sure you powder over lightly. This “sets” the Highlight and keeps it from settling into fine lines and gives it a more natural, finished appearance.  


*De-emphasize frown lines: place Highlight as above in frown lines and follow the same instructions.
*Widen Eyes: give the illusion of wider set eyes by applying highlight to the inner 1/3 corners of the eyelids up to the nose.

*Lengthen low forehead or to make face longer: Apply Highlight along the hair-line and blend downward about an inch or so.
*Correct flat nose: apply highlight down the center of the nose. Use very little keeping if off the sides of the nose. Smooth and blend down center…powder over to blend in. Do not have a harsh line of white…it should not be obvious. 





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