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How To Prepare Your Skin For Your Best Look All Day: Tricks to keep your skin looking younger. Special instructions for Dry, Normal, Oily or Combination skin.
FOUNDATION: Best way to apply. Don’t miss these areas of the face. Why it should not be applied to the eyelids. What color is best for you.
EYE MAKEUP- Mascara, False Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Eyebrows: Every eye type can be made to appear exciting and beautiful.
HIGHLIGHT: Taking away the dark areas under your eyes, and other areas of the face, WILL make your appearance more striking and youthful.
CREAM ROUGE - I need a Powder Blusher too?: Applying rouge is so misunderstood…I’m setting the record straight for you!
POWDER: You’ll love Powder even more when you read what it can really do for you…it’s more than just a powder!
LIP MAKEUP: Lipstick, Lip Liner Pencil, Lip Gloss: It’s OK to slap a little lipstick on if you are not going anyplace special…but for those special occasions here’s how to have your most glamorous “movie star” lips ever…
POWDER BLUSH: I need a Powder Blush Too?

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Special Dark Spot Cover-up Makeup

This very pinpointed, exclusive formula makes Dark Spots and Age Spots “disappear,” giving your skin a smooth, even appearance. Looks natural – developed to stay on - will not “run.”

Dark Spot Cover-up also can help prevent the sun from causing new spots when walking/shopping around from store to store, or when exposing the back of the hands to the sun while driving a car….Just a little does it!

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No Mistake Intsructions:

For use on: Back of Hands, Leg Veins, Face, Chest and Neck

Spots and discoloration on the back of hands, legs, face, chest and neck are annoying….especially when you are dressed up…going out on  that special occasion…nails done and looking fantastic—except for those dark spots glaring at you, as you recall the days when they weren’t there. Annoying, right? It’s amazing how this product transforms these areas to look so natural.

* For use on a large area, such as the back of the hands or legs, press a finger or two firmly into the product and spread. 

* For use on a small area, such as spots on the face or chest, use a small, soft makeup brush. Apply wherever you have a dark spot or area you wish to cover-up. If applying a foundation, apply foundation first and then apply Dark Spot Cover-up where it is needed. You do not need much…it spreads well, thinly and yet covers the dark spots.  After applying, smooth it out very evenly over the area.

* This product is different; it’s drier than a regular foundation or any other “cover-up” type product. Follow the instructions and it will not rub off on your clothes. After you have covered the area let it sit for a half-minute, then, with a tissue, press down on the covered area and remove any excess Cover-up. (Do not tissue off if applying it on your face over foundation.)  Don’t worry about removing too much - it takes soap and water to do that. (Note: You can add just a hint of Powder Blush if you feel the Cover-up on your skin needs a little extra color.)

* Wear it as a “good looking” helpful protection from the sun for the back of your hands when you are shopping or walking from store to store or to appointments. This will block much of the sun while you shop or drive a car…and look good at the same time!

Before Highlight
and Dark Spot Cover-up
After Highlight
and Dark Spot Cover-up

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