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Oil Free Pressed Powder - Fragrance Free

This Natural oil free matte finish powder leaves skin looking even, flawless, youthful…almost angelic! Shine-absorbing formula is for all skin types for a very delicate yet sophisticated appearance.

Powder comes in an elegant Bi-level Compact with a special Velour Powder Puff that is stored in the separate lower level compartment…this keeps the powder clean and fresh. Air vents below allow Puff to stay fresh, too.

No Mistake Intsructions:

Do not rub the powder puff across the skin . . . press, press, press lightly all over into the skin. THEN very, very lightly wipe the puff across the top of the skin to remove excess powder. What remains will be enough powder to cover the surface of the skin over the foundation and set it. (If you have large pores it leaves enough powder in the pores to camouflage them. A powder with a shine will cause the pores to show up more.) Regardless of the type pores you have, you must cleanse your skin well at night.

Keep extra powder puffs around and change to a fresh one when the puff begins to show too much usage. A puff that’s fresh, not matted down, will give the best results, especially when covering up pores.

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Pressed Powder, Oil Control
Pressed Powder - Oil Control
Our Price: $15.95

Oil Control Pressed Powder

Recommendations: For all skin tones. Keeps your makeup looking fresh all day and night without changing color.
Reduces shine, balances out skin tone, and controls oil.
Pressed Powder
Pressed Powder - Matte Cream
Our Price: $15.95

Pressed Powder

Recommendations: For Fair Complexion.
Matching product: Nude Aloe Foundation.
Pressed Powder, Matte Beige
Pressed Powder - Matte Beige
Our Price: $15.95

Pressed Powder

Recommendations: For Light and Light-to-Medium Complexions.
Matching products: Light Beige or Almond Aloe Foundation.
Pressed Powder, Matte Natural
Pressed Powder - Matte Natural
Our Price: $15.95

Pressed Powder

Recommendations: For Medium Complexion.
Matching product: Coffee Aloe Foundation.
Pressed Powder, Matte Cocoa
Pressed Powder - Matte Cocoa
Our Price: $16.00

Oil-Free Pressed Powder

Recommendations: For Dark Complexions.
Matching product: Deep Cocoa Aloe Foundation.