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Complete Hair Helpers Restoration System - SPECIAL!

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Oleda's Hair Helpers System - SPECIAL! - Restore Healthy Hair, Body, Strength and Luster to Your Hair

Yours for only $70.95!

Oleda says there is no such thing as "old hair" or "my hair won't grow!" But there IS such a thing as sluggish hair follicles that form & choke off needed nutrients thus preventing roots from growing thicker, healthier and longer hair.


  1. Roots must be stimulated by massage allowing more blood flow to follicles.
  2. You must FEED YOUR HAIR (roots) nutrients necessary for strong, healthy growth.
  3. You must strengthen and protect your hair with the right shampoos and treatments.

Oleda's Hair Rejuvenation Combo Includes ALL YOU NEED to get your hair nourished and back on the right track:

  • 2 FULL BOTTLES OF HAIR HELPERS VITAMINS - Feeds Your Hair Follicles To Help Hair Grow
  • THICK HAIR BODY BUILDER - Leave in treatment that protects & thickens your hair strands- gives you volume
  • ALMOND SHAMPOO - Strengthens your hair, thickens hair strands and protects against damage
  • Super Hair Savers booklet - tips, tricks, techniques, basically all you need to know to keep that hair long, flowing, shiny and gorgeous.
Everything you'll get for only $70.95

Hair Helpers Vitamins:

Feeds Your Hair Follicles To Prevent Hair Loss & Help Grow Gorgeous Hair!
Beautiful hair starts with FEEDING your hair from the INSIDE through the bloodstream.
The building blocks of strong, lustrous, healthy hair are the same no matter your background or hair type.
Lifeless, brittle, thinning hair is very often caused by under-nourished follicles.
Hair follicles (the roots) must have special nutrition supplied daily in order to have the best thickness, shine and strength you want.
How it works: Simply take one to two tablets per day.
In this kit you will get 180 tablets. Enough for up to 3 full months of daily doses!

Thick Hair Body Builder:
Instant Hair Thickener Gel. Makes Fine or Thin Hair Fuller, Thicker, Adds Body, Shine and Nutrients
No more Thin, Dry, Dull Hair. This Hair Thickener actually makes each strand fatter, thicker, stronger and shinier, instantly swelling, revitalizing and nourishing your hair. Special nutritional ingredients condition and repair the health of the hair with Aloe, Avocado, Jojoba and Wheat Germ Oil.
How to use: After your shower, Apply on hair, comb and style as usual. Use very little.

Almond Shampoo:
is rich and highly concentrated with essential nutrients for your hair -- three times the amount found in normal shampoos! The Ph balanced almond base, treats lifeless hair, gives shine and new life. Use very little with each application. A wonderful shampoo that keeps hair looking and feeling its best. It's gentle enough for every day use. Developed to help give that everlasting Ageless look to your hair.
How to use: Simply take a small (quarter size) quantity in the base of your hand. Rub hands together to form suds. Massage into hair for approximately a minute. Take the time to massage into the roots, scalp. Rinse.

Super Hair Savers Book:
This book will teach you what to do to speed up the blood flow to the roots of your hair & produce richer cells for healithier, stronger, faster growing hair. The more knowledge you have about your hair, the healthier and thicker it can be. No matter what kind of hair you have, or what the problem may be - your answer is right here in this book. If anyone should have hair problems - it should be me - I've been a double process blonde since the age of 23. But my hair is still very thick, shiny and it doesn’t fall out.I’m 80 years old and my hair is just as thick as it was when I was a teenager!

Here are just a few examples of the information you'll receive in this 48-page book.
• Vital steps for faster hair growth.
• Crucial information on how to increase the width of each hair and give it more fullness - instantly - whether your hair is straight, curly, or fine.
• What major ingredients to look for in hair body-building products to get the best results.
• Ways to correct oily hair, dry hair, baby fine hair, balding spots, thinning or sun damaged hair as well as split ends.
• For your man: Why he starts going bald and what to do about it.
• Covers short and long hair - wash and set - what style is best suited for what shape and face AND body.
• Advice for Black Beauty.
• Tips on color and home permanents and more.


". . . .I need to get in and purchase some more hair vitamins...I can really tell a difference with those.... . 13 yrs ago....i went through terrible grief and my hair came out in pactches...i was never bald but had to wear my hair pulled back quite awhile.....thank goodness i started out with very thick hair!!!!! It has never returned to the thickness it was.....in 13 yrs...after i started using your hair vitamins...i could tell a great difference....and when i went in for a hair cut with a new hair stylist...she said "Oh, your hair would look great in the shag because it is so thick"....i was amazed...because i had not hear my hair described as "thick" in a very long time! "

Judy McNew Mansfield, TX

"Dear Oleda, I just wanted to tell you that about eight years ago my friend told me about your hair vitamins. My hair was sun damaged, dry brittle with split ends. I wanted to cut it but my hair grows very slow. She said that if I would take your vitamins my hair would grow faster so I wouldn't have to worry about cutting it. So I ordered some and started taking them. What happened next was unbelievable. I am a licensed beautician. I was taught that the hair is dead after it leaves the scalp. Just protein. Well if that is true I experienced a miracle. a few weeks after taking your vitamins my hair condition improved. I wasn't dry anymore and it actually had a shine to it. The split ends did have to be cut but I didn't have to cut it as short as I thought I would have to. I am now 53. I come from a family that after the age of 40 the women hair starts to thin. Not mine and I am sure that it is your vitamins that saved me from that fate."

Brenda Fry Chattanooga, TN

"Dear Oleda, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for such a great breakthrough for people with problem hair. I started using your Hair Helpers vitamins just last year, and my hair was a disaster. Too much bleach and chlorine, wiry feeling and brittle. But after just 3 bottles of your vitamins, my hair is gorgeous, lustrous and has grown a lot. Thank you so much and my husband thanks you too. He loves to run his fingers through my hair now. Thank you again."

Paula Adams Jourdanton, TX

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